"We’re solving the age old challenge of creating an amphibious aircraft with high performance"

Since the dawn of aviation it has been the dream of so many pilots, to utilize water, but still be able to sustain long range and high speeds at low fuel consumption. This challenge has remained unsolved for multiple reasons. Heavy bulky engines on pylons, tails or behind the cabin increases drag, and the typical necessary support geometries for the water

handling add to the problem...


The Floatwing removes the need for external high drag support geometries, and provides high stability in water


The fuselage has an aerodynamic forward geometry merged with the boat hull further back for minimizing drag on the boat hull section.


The Electric motor gives the aircraft smooth aerodynamics and lower weight. At the same time we are able to reduce the bulk and weight in the hull


Drag is kept low throughout the aircraft via a laminar flow fuselage, canopy and aerofoils

Pure Electric Power & Range Extender Option

Although initial testing is done on our pure electric power drivetrain (batteries, controller and electric machine, which will also be an option for future customers, the P2 Xcursion was made to accomodate and test a new type of range extender based on a 57kW wankel rotary motor that can use bio based cherosene fuels. The system and components is a specialized drive train proprietary to Equator Aircraft. More info will follow on when we will make these components available to be purchased.


Perfect balance between utility and performance


Space is key, and the P2 Xcursion has been designed with people in mind. Therefore it has a large cockpit and cabin to provide ample opportunities for its occupants to transport what they need to explore the places they want to go.


Bring bicycles, skis, mountain gear in the first true personal "SUV" light aircraft.

Open and simplified cockpit solution

Simplification and demystification of the flying experience has been one of our main goals. Therefore the small simple console contains what you need to get the job done in a minimized fashion, to keep your focus where its shoud be; on the outside of the aircraft.

The large canopy gives an unprecedented field of view and allows for you to really feel that you are in fact flying.

Technical Specifications

Note: All specs are subject to revisions as we carry out our test flights

TYPE:               EQUATOR P2 XCURSION (EQP2)



REG.:                LN-EPX


Aircraft Dimensions

Seating Capacity

1 Pilot, 1 Pax, dual controls

Cabin Length

3.00 meters

Cabin Width

1.56 meters

Wing Span

9.80 meters

Fuel Capacity

100 liters

Fuselage Length

6.80 meters

Overall height

3.80 meters

Design Weight & Loading

Maximum Take Off Weight

750 kg

Empty Weight

530 kg

Useful Load

220 kg

Maximum G-Loads

+3.8 / -1.5 (Tested to + 6.5)


Max Cruise (KTAS)

130 KTS / 240 km/h

Economic Cruise (KTAS)

110 KTS / 203 km/h

Stall Speed (Dirty Conf) (KCAS)

52 KTS / 96 km/h

Practical Ceiling

13 000 Ft

Take Off Run (Dry Asphalt Runway)

350 meters

Take Off Run Water

400 meters

Landing Roll Out

400 meters

Rate of Climb

1000 ft/min

Range Electric

200 km

Range w/ Range Extender

1000 km

Flight Rules / Certification

Experimental / Non-Certified

Powerplant & Drive Train

Electric Machine

Engiro M97 Electric Machine

Machine Power

97 kW - Water Cooled - IP65

Controller Unit

Sevcon Size 10


Sony US18650VTC4 (15kWh)


Engiro / Equator Design

Range Extender 

WST KKM 352 (57kW)

Fuel Consumption / Hybrid

25 liters per hour


DUC Flash ground adjust Ø 1850 mm


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